A downloadable game for Windows

In Octomess you get to experience the daily life of an octopus. How long can you last before the daily tasks gets out of control?

In the game you interact with appearing objects using the mouse, either by dragging them or clicking on them. You receive points when you remove objects by interacting with them in the way they're intended, i.e. throwing the bone out of the screen to make the dog fetch it or answering the ringing phone (you answer the phone by dragging it to the octopuses right ear, so left for you. I had to say it). Coffee makes you stronger. 

This game was made for the GMTK Jam 2020.


* Original music by Mount West (https://mountwest.info/). Check him out!

* Hand drawn octopus with realistic facial expressions

* Free 2D assets from https://kenney.nl/

* Sound effects from https://freesound.org/

Install instructions

Download, unzip and play


Octomess.zip 19 MB


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This is too hilarious :D I can't stop laughing!